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Latest News & Updates: Our Platform is finally ready!

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Dear Friends,

after months of work, we are finally ready to launch our platform and blog. Thanks for being patient with us, I know we've been promising this update for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. 

With this being said, here are the news we have and the updates you can see on our site:



We've added a blog to our website and plan on writing a blog entry once or twice a week. You can now subscribe to our blog and receive an update by email when we add something to our blog or have an update for our book.



You can leave your comments on our blog entries via Facebook. If you are logged in to facebook, you will see a field on the bottom of each blog where you can tell us what you thought about what you read


Book Content Updates

We have made a few updates on the cont...Read more