The world will be completely transformed if we embrace Biblical Principles concerning Love, Dating, Marriage and Sex

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The world will be completely transformed if we embrace Biblical principles concerning love, dating, marriage and sex.

Most young people desire to get married. They have dreams of their future spouse and family, how they will serve God together.

At the same time divorce rates are now around 50 percent in many parts of the world. Some statistics say that of those who are still married only around one third would actually call their marriage a "happy marriage". So ... what's wrong?

In our book we will look at what we believe the solution is: Going back to Biblical Principles concerning marriage. A few decades ago the sexual revolution began a movement away from Biblical standards. The statistical consequences since this "Advanced Thinking about Relationships, Sex and Marriage" are devastating. Many societies have taken a major turn in the wrong direction.

It is our hope and prayer that we can help some of us to come back to the Biblical principles of marriage. That's why we wrote this book. The world would be a totally different place if only one thing changed: Christians would do Marriage and Family God's way again.

Things aren't difficult to understand. God's principles are very, very simple. And they are not really secrets either. Most people are unaware of the Truth. But the Bible's wisdom has been available for thousands of years and is available to anyone. And it's available to you, today.

This book is written for anyone who wants to know more about marriage. Yes, it is written from a Christian perspective. But God's Simple Secrets about Marriage apply to anyone, no matter whether we believe in Jesus as the author behind these principles or not. So we want to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike, singles and married couples of all ages to read through these pages. We hope and pray this book will impact your life and your (future) marriage.

About Us


Our names are Ryoko and Bernd Armbruster. Bernd is originally from Germany, Ryoko grew up in Japan. We both came to Shanghai indepently, Ryoko in 2001, Bernd in 2004. Both of us became Christians here at Shanghai Community Fellowship . We met each other in 2004, got engaged in January 2006 and got married in December the same year. In 2008 our daughter Anna was born. 2010 Noah joined our family. Just recently in March 2014 God brought little Abigail to us.

Our lives here in Shanghai have two big passions: God and our family. Bernd is working fulltime for our church. Ryoko is dedicating this season of her life to our children. Both of us love being here, serving God and serving each other.

We're certainly not a model family. We have our issues to deal with like everybody else. We're absolutely convicted that many other couples have a better relationship than we do.

But one thing we know: God has been faithful to us, because from Day 1 of our relationship we did our best to seek Him first and honor him, both individually, as a couple and as a family.

With thankful hearts,

Ryoko & Bernd Armbruster