The world will be completely transformed if we embrace Biblical Principles concerning Love, Dating, Marriage and Sex

For every copy of our book that is being sold on Amazon.com, 1US$ will be donated to Compassion International to help sponsoring a child in need

Frequently asked Questions

Here we want to answer some questions that many people ask about us and/or this book

I don't have a Kindle. What do I do?

You don't necessarily have to have a Kindle Device to read books on Kindle. The Kindle software is free and allows you to read books on your phone, PC, Mac, Tablet and even remotely within your web browser. Click here for more information

Is this book representing you or your church?

The views represented in this book are our own personal convictions. They do not necessarily represent our church or Alpha.

Why is the book not available as a "normal" hardcover book?

Well, that is actually still our plan and we are working on it! We plan on having it ready by August 2015. If you would like to be informed when the book is available on paper, then please come back to our website, subscribe to our newsletter or contact us directly to reserve your copy today!

What if I don't have an Amazon account?

You can simply create one. It's free. It gives you instant access to millions of books, paperbooks as well as E-books.

I'm getting a message that says: "The book is not available in the region of Asia/Pacific"

Unfortunately our licence does not allow us to sell the book on the Chinese Amazon site amazon.cn. Nevertheless, you can still purchase the book inside China. One way is to log in to your Amazon account that is registered outside China. The book will then be available to you. The other alternative is that you go to one of the official Amazon sites outside China, like India , Germany , Canada , Japan , Mexico , etc.

This is too complicated, I don't know how to purchase this book

If you need help, please contact us. We'll help you get your copy.

How can I pay?

There are a variety of methods available to pay Amazon online. Click here for more information on payment globally. The Amazon page for your specific country might also offer you additional payment methods.

Can I pay you directly and you send me the PDF file?

Sorry, we can't. We do not want to give out the PDF file. If we disseminate our file, it would soon spread throughout the internet beyond our control. Plus it would violate our agreemeent with Amazon.com

Those two hands on the Cover Picture: Are those your hands?

Yes! This is a real picture that Ryoko's sister took of our hands in 2006. Quite literally she took this picture "behind our backs", we didn't even notice. We didn't use photoshop or any software to make it look better. The only change we did was to crop the picture slightly. Other than that: It's a real picture.